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Music Composition

paid per minute of music

I create original and unique music that is perfectly tailored to your project.  I create music by taking advantage of both traditional and self-created digital instruments that blend to give your project musical life that has never been heard before.

Orchestration and Engraving

paid per minute

Only have a melody or piano arrangement of your music?  I can orchestrate your music for any live ensemble .  I professionaly engrave the music I create using Finale and Sibelius notation programs, and can transcribe or copy parts as needed for your own orchestral needs. I also provide music preperation services, including printing, binding and taping, for recording sessions.  

Sound Design and Engineering

paid per sound effect and hour

I utilize a recording studio space rented in Los Angeles to record and design sound effects, ADR, and foley.   I use a combination of live recording, pre-recorded sound libraries, and digital tools to create unique soundscapes.  I also have a home foley stage that I use to perform the sound for feature film and television, bringing life to your production audio.  

MIDI Mock-Ups

paid per finished minute

If you need your composition realized as a realistic sounding orchestral mock-up, I create realistic recordings using sample libraries such as the Vienna Symphonic Library, L.A. Scoring Strings, East West Stormdrums, PercPlus, Sample Modeling instruments, Cinebrass Pro, Kontakt Sample Library, and self-recorded and created sampled instruments. 

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