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Demo Reel //

Sound Design

Shake Off the World - Feature Film (2015)

Ever watched a completely silent football movie? The only thing included with the project was the dialogue. Sound design by Dan Brown, music and dialogue editing by Jake Knox. 

Stevie D. - Feature Film (2014)

This is an L.A. mobster movie, again delivered as nothing but dialogue tracks.  Sound design and dialogue editing by Dan Brown, additional music by Jake Knox. 

Stevie D. - Feature Film (2014)

The most shocking thing I have ever witnessed is a completely silent strip club scene, save for dialogue.  All the sound is added by Dan Brown, the music is licensed and filtered through an IR.  

Coitus of the Week - Television Series (2015-)

This is an ESPN parody show introducing "competitive sex wrestling".  Don't worry, this clip is SFW.  Sound design and music by Dan Brown, dialogue by Greg...something or other. 

Shake Off the World - Feature Film (2015)

This is another football scene, practice this time, but involved the creation of some Kontakt instruments to make the jumping jack that was cool.  Sound design by Dan Brown. 

Sweet Caroline - Television Series (2015-)

This is a trailer for a mockumentary series picked up by Amazon Prime to be aired this spring.  Sound design by Dan Brown again, and check out the intro graphic sound! Music by Rockinsaw. 

Music - Examples with Picture

London And the Muse - Opening Titles
Reservation Nexus - Advertisement Commission

Music - Examples with...Not-Picture

Coitus of the Week - Opening Titles
Climbing the Wall
Gears of War - Chase Demo
Gears of War  - Desolation Demo
Wall-E - 1m4

Personal SFX Library //

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Mock-Ups //

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